What the Ten Commandents Should Have Been

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I’m always awestruck at the incredible support of the biblical Ten Commandments as some sort of ultimate moral code. What puzzles me is the view that this archaic “written in stone” baloney is something to actually live by. Now, of course, there are some decent points: no killing, lying, stealing, perjury. Unfortunately those who hold these ten articles as the impeccable moral code from some supernatural being believe that they have the best way to live morally. Really? I mean, really?

Have they not read other historical documents that were written before Moses? Just research a few of Siddhartha Buddha’s sentiments. Ever heard of the Jains? They’re just as dogmatic as the rest of the religious, but at least their dharma includes peace and the effort to never hurt another living creature. There is very little that would support any claims of these sorts by Christianity and Islam in the bible or Quran. The Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments were the best Christianity could offer? It’s really pathetic when you actually READ these ten rules as set by the supposed creator of the universe. The first few are examples of a jealous idiot-deity showing how insecure he really is. If the Judeo-Christian god does exist, he’s a cry-baby bitch. Yes, I said that the god of the bible is an insecure bitch. What type of personality sets apart three of the ten “most important” rules for humanity as self-preservation and prevention of serving other gods? A man (yes, it was certainly a human man) who needs to control the masses.

Now I’m sure everyone has heard the Ten Commandments at least once, if not memorized it due to childhood indoctrination. After all, how can you miss the giant stone representations of the Ten Commandments that religious zealots somehow get placed on our secular government’s courthouses? These blatant offenses to the separation of church and state are continuously being fought against by secular organizations such as the Secular Coalition for America (www.secular.org). Unfortunately a lot of elected officials subscribe to the same delirious beliefs that their constituents do.

Personally, I had to memorize the Mormon Articles of Faith (which I will attack at some point in the near future, these are less known by the general public) growing up. So in reality I don’t need to go through them all and dissect each one. Christopher Hitchens’ revised version has already done an excellent job of this, and has shown the amoral aspects of the Decalogue. There are many other alternative versions of the Ten Commandments that have shown modern human initiative into what would work more effectively (and less barbarically) than the Ten Commandments of the bible. Here is my take, and a revision of what I feel would be a MUCH better set of ten suggestions (mostly from a positive aspect and not the negative “Thou shalt not…” variety) to live by… Oh, and they would be suggestions, not commandments from a bearded man in the sky. In no particular order:

1.       Refrain from causing suffering unto others in any way (this includes rape, torture, killing, and slavery among others), especially through physical, mental, or sexual abuse.
2.       Live life in a way that ensures happiness for you and those around you, so long as it does not cause suffering unto others.
3.       Humans and animals are all creatures worthy of respect; Humans are in a unique position to make the world a better place for themselves AND animals.
4.       Attempt to uplift everyone around you with positive words of encouragement, support, love, and laughter.
5.       Support education, critical thinking, science, music, the arts, and learning in general; Without education we are lost.
6.       Everyone is equally free to find consensual love, companionship, and happiness so long as it does not cause suffering unto others; What people do (safely) in private is no one else’s business.
7.       Do not waste precious resources and time fighting against the rights of others. Fight FOR rights, not AGAINST them.
8.       The Earth is our home – Treat it with respect.
9.       Small gestures go a long way; A simple “Please” and “Thank you” or holding a door open for someone shows basic respect and is positively contagious.
10.    Be cognizant of how your actions affect others; Will your actions improve the quality of life or degrade it?

This is a quick list that I compiled. Imagine if the great thinkers of the world got together every decade or two and analyzed the state of the world. We could create a living, breathing ‘Human Document of Ethics’ that could adjust to the needs of the world.

Perhaps once gay marriage and marijuana are legal all around the world Number 6 on my list will seem like a no-brainer. I say that with a bit of a laugh, however, since many of these on my list seem like a no-brainer already. Unfortunately the poisonous faith of religions causes this to be untrue to the majority of the world’s population. Here’s to hoping that this list will seem archaic someday. If so, that means we’ve made the progress that we need to.

– Jay


3 Responses to “What the Ten Commandents Should Have Been”

  1. Lindsey's Mom Sam Says:

    You are too smart for me kiddo……..

  2. Great post, very informative. Keep up the good work, Thanks.

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