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Jay Vollmond is a Humanist/Atheist writer and student who has found through much research a need for activists to stand up for reason and logic and “godless” living. The natural world and its beauty has been far too often short-changed by the religious myths of creation and development.

All one must do is to simply read a book or two (may I suggest “The Greatest Show On Earth” by Richard Dawkins and “Why Evolution Is True” by Jerry Coyne) on evolution through natural selection to understand the process of how every species of plant and animal came to be where it is today.

I have also seen many false stigma surrounding Atheists/Agnostics/Freethinkers/Humanists and those that are able to live their lives in a humanly manner without the need for religious interruption. Living a “godless” life can be more fulfilling and positive than most people would expect. The beauty of nature, animals, the cosmos, and thoughts of life and death are but a few important things that can become so much easier to understand and appreciate.

A life without religion is a life free to exercise education and learning, critical thinking, love, patience, understanding, and to live without many fears that the religious impose upon themselves. For those that want to understand how the world and the universe ACTUALLY work, my goal is to ensure that these discussions can take place.


More About Jay Vollmond

Jay Vollmond is a musician, technology specialist, and human rights activist who lives in the United States. He has been a “militant” Atheist since 2008. He is working towards informing the general public the truth about how Atheists are good people, preserving the separation of church and state, progressing human rights (e.g. LGBT), and assisting other Atheists with living happily as themselves.


End Religious Bigotry and Ignorance


One Response to “About”

  1. Lindsey's Mom Sam Says:

    My father would love you. He is a militant atheist also. I am an ex-catholic agnostic/atheist. Meaning I am still superstious and wondering along with frustrated by so much hypocricy from politics and so called “religious leaders(???)”, catholic crap totally includded! THIS IS A CORRECTION!!!!

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